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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Telepo explores client-server architecture

Telepo caught my attention when I saw a PR highlighting an award that they won at 3GSM. On closer reading, I found that their solution targets the enterprises. I was curious. I requested for a briefing with them to which their CEO, Lars-Michael Paqvalen kindly obliged.

Lars-Michael outlined Telepo's focus on mobility that helps enterprises optimise their resources and predict cost. Now I have been talking to a lot of mobility players recently and many of them offer similar value propositions. It is already a crowded market. I was beginning to wonder if Telepo was one of the many newcomers in that space. But what Lars-Michael said next dispelled my apprehensions.

He said that Telepo is a technology provider that aims to leverage the service layer in a client-server architecture to offer new capabilities to enterprises. Now that is a start. Here is a company that understands the scope of opportunity in service oriented architecture in telecom industry. Therefore, Telepo is not only a mobility company- its much more than that or at least has the vision to go beyond mobility.

Telepo's current offering is a combination of Business Communication Server that comes with a routing engine, and a softclients to run on computers and mobile phones. Telepo's solution set works on both private wireless technologies such as IEEE802.11b/g and public mobile technologies. Its no surprise that Telepo has a close association with Ericsson who launched Enterprise Mobility gateway recently. I would like to hear more on their collaboration efforts.

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