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Friday, October 10, 2008

Blackberry in Enterprise 2.0

The debate on which is the central application- e-mail or phone-is long over. Studies conducted by various Industry Analyst and market research houses suggest a growing tilt towards e-mail. Most users check their e-mail the first when they get to work and more often than phone. Blackberry took this ability one degree further. It enabled workforce to check their e-mail anywhere, anytime. But in the process it did something else too! It crossed the office boundary and entered the personal space. How often have you checked your Blackberry outside office hours?

Enterprise 2.0 aims to bring personal applications into workplace. It aims to tap into the productivity enhancing capabilities of personal applications such as IM, collaboration type software etc. For example, how can we forget Mayo's Hawthrone experiments that every HR manager learns in MBA school. There is definitely a need for a facebook like application at work as much as their is a need for a cafeteria. But I digress....... While enterprise 2.0 aims to bring consumer grade producticity enhancing applications into corporate world, Blackberry did just the opposite. It took a corporate application into our personal space. Being a user of Blackberry Curve, I must tell you that this transition has been smooth. I use Blackberry wherever I want whenever I want. Is this the beginning of the great blur between corporate and personal spaces?