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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ofcom and Enterprise Mobility

Ofcom has stepped in to regulate the mobile call termination charges, in what I think would lead to a depreciation in value of enterprise mobility offerings. Last year, Ofcom awarded 12 licenses from its guard band in the 1800-1900 MHz frequency range. It was believed that the licensee's will derive value by offering a bypass from high call termination charges, making the propsosition very attractive.

However, now that the termination charges are being regulated, alternate solutions stand to lose some shine. In addition, interconnect between these new players and mobile carriers are yet to be worked out, restricting the networks setup by these players into what would look like islands.

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Touraj Parang said...

Not sure that this will end up helping the consumer in the UK. Check out my analysis of this posted on our company blog (http://jaxtr.blogspot.com)