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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

FMC in deep shit

Over the past couple of years, several PTTs have dabbled with FMC. BT launched BT-fusion, a bluetooth variant in 2005. After a strong market push, stands at 3GSM and other events, communique from evangelists plus a subsidy to employees, the offer managed to attract around 13000 users. Feedback from users pointed to some disadvantages with the technology/service, something that the operator claimed to have addressed with its new offering- BT Openzone. However initial uptake has been conservative. Till date the service is used by some 10000 users.

In Europe, Deutsche Telekom launched T-one (their flagship FMC service) at CeBIT last year. And just before CeBIT starts this year, they announced to have dropped the service. It is understandable. The operator is facing a precarious financial health condition, a state that doesn't allow it to carry extra fat and non-functioning organs. It is said that the operator managed just a few thousand users inspite of aggressive marketing campaigns.

What does that tell of the future of FMC in Europe?

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