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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Siemens maintains its topline in FY 2006

I had a quick chat with Siemens execs before some detailed discussion around CeBIT. I have been concerned about their performance in real growth in systems, shipments, new accounts and top line. It has been widely speculated that the vendor might take a hit in its topline. However, in FY 2006 Siemens measured upto its FY 2005 performance after registering a growth of slightly greater than 5% in shipments. This is chiefly attributed to a buoyant CAPEX in the market and its success with Hipath 8000. The ongoing replacement surge, better investment climate in Germany and successful growth in its indirect channel helped it maintain its course. I am very hopful of the success of its pure IP product, the Hipath 8000 in CY 2007.

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