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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Why doesn't Blackberry promote VoIP

Blackberry is the most preferred smartphone in the world. And VoIP is what every aware user wishes to use. Most enterprises use VoIP and most of the voice traffic internationally is IP based. I wish Blackberry would promote more of VoIP. Despite acquiring Ascendant in 2006, we don't hear or read much of Blackberry's VoIP capability that can help users bypass the mobile voice bill-rates. Is it pressure from carriers?

In an article, Nadeem Unuth gives us ways to make use of VoIP on Blackberry. For the complete article, refer to the following link:

I am taking the liberty to reproduce some of what he wrote:

1. Truphone: Using the web a user can be called and then call the destination. Both the calls (to the originator as well as the called party) originate with Truphone which uses VoIP.
2. VoIP Softphone applications like Yeigo: This application can be installed on blackberry (need to verify!). Voice calls can be made using Blackberry's data plan.
3. Blackberry WLAN solution (Blackberry 7270 handheld)

However that being said, I haven't tried any of these. I know that some of my colleagues have tried to install some applications on mobile phones. Its high time I get in touch with them......