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Friday, March 23, 2007

Nortel on track with management priorities

Life has not been easy for Nortel's CEO Mike Zafirovsky. He took the helm when Nortel was reeling. He communicated his vision and now he is executing them with perfection. Last year, Nortel divested its UMTS access business to Alcatel, now Alcatel-Lucent. Later, Nortel inked a major innovative communication alliance (ICA) with Microsoft around enterprise communication (unified communication). Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft likes to compare ICA with their relationship with Intel and DEC (later Compaq and now HP).

Now, Nortel is getting ready to get rid of its GSM business. Rumour mills are abound with the news that Alcatel-Lucent has secured an agreement towards 'first option to buy' when the business goes on sale. Since I don't track the mobile market, can't offer much beyond the news. However, with all this Mike and Nortel are keeping their promise to be in business where they are the best.

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