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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Wi-Fi challenge

The wire read - "Boingo today announced a new flat-rate Wi-Fi service that eliminates roaming fees common in Europe and Asia. For €29 per month, global business travelers can access all of Boingo’s 100,000 hot spots worldwide. "

Boingo Wireless is partnering with France’s Hub Télécom and Norway’s Oslo Lufthavn Tele & Data AS (OLTD) - two of Europe’s leading Wi-Fi providers - to bring Boingo Global to market in Europe. Later this year, customers will be able to sign up for the service at more European locations including hot spots in Germany, Italy and the UK.

The strange thing is - How can a hot spot provider charge roaming fees? In a typical hub and spoke network, the hot spots are rarely interconnected directly. Anyways, for now the question is not applicable.

Customers must have the right expectations set for this kind of Wi-Fi service. Having over 100000 hot spot does not guarantee coverage wherever you need it. However when you need it and have it, Boingo is a definite bliss. I cannot begin to explain the horrors of Wi-Fi charging in Western Europe.

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