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Friday, June 22, 2007

Thanks to WiMaX

Siemens Enterprise Communications were demonstrating the capabilities of its new range of products at the Mariott Marble Arch Hotel near Oxford Street in London. I was curious to watch them demonstrate their new Open size video infrastructure and their Openscape unified communication capabilities amongst others. Needless to say, Siemens had put in a lot of effort to make sure it works. For the Opensize product, they had a guy use the system at his office in Munich. In another case, they had placed a softswitch some where in US to do multi-modal communication.

I didn't have too much time at my disposal as I had to take a call from my colleagues in San Antonio, Texas. As I enterted the demo area, I looked at my mobile and to my horror I found that my cell didn't have coverage. But to my dismay I saw an awed audience look at the demos run by expert staff of Siemens brought from various parts of Europe. I thought that maybe Siemens is using some high speed wired connection. I was informed that all last mile connectivity in that area was handled by WiMAX. I knew that Urban WiMAX had established a network in London last year. The exhibitors told me that the WiMAX service provider didn't take more than 24 hours to set up a tower and offer the connectivity to Siemens. And the engineers on the floor seemed happy. The Opensize video instrument was constantly using 1Mbps link to transmit and receive. There were only 2 packets lost in the 10 minutes I spent at the booth - my eyes glued to the scan report.

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