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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mitel acquires Inter-Tel: Its all about IPO

Last friday, there was news that Mitel announced definitive agreement to acquire Inter-Tel. I couldn't join the conference call that day. My curiosity was addressed yesterday when I went on a call with the senior management of Mitel Networks.

I wanted to know why Mitel bought Inter-Tel. Mitel is far bigger than Inter-tel. Both play in the SMB. Both are dominant players in the U.S. And Mitel has been dabbling with the prospect of an IPO for over a year now.

I asked Don Smith, CEO of Mitel as to why his company agreed to pay 57% more than Inter-Tel's net sales ($428 million) in 2006. The price-earning ratio of the deal is 27.8 which seem quite high when Inter-Tel has been growing by 3.6% y-o-y by sales and the U.S CPE market growing at 6.2% y-o-y.

Don said that Inter-tel was on Mitel's radar for some time now. He thought the timing to be right. Mitel had to face a proxy battle from Mihalyo for sometime-in the end Mitel walked off paying 10% over the last offer made and 8% premium to the last traded price of Inter-tel stock.

In addition to the acquisition of Inter-tel, Mitel announced its intent to withdraw from the IPO registration process. The timing of the withdrawl is interesting. InfoTech's research places Mitel+InterTel as the leader in the sub 100 segment market in the U.S and ranked two in the sub-500 market in U.S. I reckon this acquisition is all about the IPO. We shouldn't be surprised to see Mitel re-register for an IPO sometime next year. Whenever it does, it can value itself at Inter-Tel's price-earning ratio; that wouldn't be all too bad.

But then what does the acquisition mean to Mitel? During the call with Mitel, I learnt that there is low channel overlap. This allows to leverage existing relationships to promote products from both companies. It is believed that both brands will continue to co-exist. One of the significant advantages of Inter-tel is its real-estate (57 offices) in the U.S- something that will give enhanced direct touch capability to Mitel as it attempts to break into the MLE with its ICP 3300.

Is this the beginning of a trend?

There are several players in this market that are looking for partnership. Nortel managed an ICA with Microsoft. ShoreTel is taking the IPO route. Siemens Enterprise search for a partner continues. However, there is no reason to believe that Mitel's acquisition of Inter-tel will begin a trend. I think this to be a tactical move towards a successful IPO.

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