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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Interactive Intelligence embraces mobility

The value of extending enterprise apps on to mobile devices has been well articulated. It reduces decision time, improves efficiency and therefore contributes to overall productivity. This is well known, however its value in the contact centre industry goes far beyond that.

Although the contact centre industry has introduced new communication channels such as e-mail, self service, web chat etc, customer service is predominantly desk-based. Interactive Intelligence Interaction Client® Mobile Edition has the potential to change that.

The Interaction Client®, Mobile Edition is a graphical client interface that supports the Windows Mobile 5.0 and Smart Phone operating systems to make Interactive Intelligence IP telephony functionality accessible via mobile devices such as the Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC and the Windows Mobile Smartphone.

In the enterprise space, the inclusion of the mobility dimension makes Interactive Intelligence' EIC more compelling. However, the major limitation of the mobile client is its reliance on HSDPA for synchronous multi-media communication- a vital element in contact centres. As an alternative the mobile client allow data transmission over WLAN and voice over cellular network.

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