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Thursday, May 17, 2007


LG-Nortel offers a range of IP phones that work with Nortel's BCM and CS1000 series. Sold by Nortel's sales force, the JV has seen some strong traction for LIP6800 series phones over the past few quarters. Recently, LG-Nortel developed specific sets to work with Microsoft's SIP specifications. At their WinHEC conference earlier this week, Microsoft announced the availability of LG-Nortel phones for testing on OCS2007. LG-Nortel is relying on Microsoft's recommendation and sales success from Nortel's channel.

LG-Nortel is a dominant player in the small business market. It offers iPECS, ipLDK and NEXER product lines to the sub 150 segment. These products support LDP 7000 and LKD series digital handsets. In addition, the JV offers LIP 7000 series IP phones and two ranges of wireless sets.

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