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Monday, December 15, 2008

How is open source faring?

In the beginning of the year, I supervised a colleague's work on open source. I found that the movements in that space fascinating. Towards the end of the year, I wonder how have they performed in 2008 especially because-

a) a number of these companies have been start-ups. A large number of them are SI/VARs etc. How are they managing their working capital in a slowdown
b) How are they raising capital needed to bid for large projects where the client wants to reduce TCO? Are they displacing the big guys in a small number of deals in the SMB space?

In search of answers, I dig into the websites of some of these companies:

1. Fonality led by Chris Lyman seems to doing well. It launched some firmware for mobile and Google integration in September and went on to announce a relationship with salesforce.com last week.
2. Pingtel: I am not sure if I can mention but I had written something about in the report in relation to PingTel (or maybe I had not written!). As the case maybe, Nortel went on to acquire PingTel. I am not surprised.....great news for SIPfoundry guys.
3. Digium: They got a new headquarter. Tom Keating snapped it all up. Follow the link-
Their battle with sipXecs seems to continue. It appears that Pingtel managed to get one up on them by becoming a part of Nortel.

Who else? There are a number of great players in the market from the large vendors who OEM open-source to small ones like ADDIX, ESCAUX, and Novacom. I wish there was an opportunity to connect and get to know how they have been doing.

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