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Sunday, December 07, 2008

iPhone vs Blackberry: Consumer vs Corporate

Somebody asked me who will win the smartphone war- iPhone or Blackberry. I said, "depends on the turf". Blackberry is a robust, reliable e-mail centric smartphone that can handle voice, multimedia and entertainment (the new versions are better at it). Its primary place of use is in business. iPhone is a awesome looking media and entertainment device that can also communicate.

Can blackberry fight iPhone in the consumer space? Not today at least!
Can iPhone win against Blackberry in the corporate space? No!

However, recent efforts by Blackberry to emulate the iPhone is distressing. I have had only a brief look at the Storm (don't get invited to those parties anymore ever since I changed my job). I will have to say that I wasn't impressed. I wonder where does RIM want to position the storm? In the corporate space?! But typing is such a problem with Storm. I wish I was in the centre of action to know more of these stuff.

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