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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mobile Unified Communications in Blackberry?

Having been using Blackberry for a year, I want more. I wish that there was an update that could push my voice-mails as e-mails. I wish I could use VoIP data bits and bypass the mobile voice toll. I wish Blackberry improved the conferencing capabilities or at least partnered with someone. I remember communicating with the CTO of Genesys Conferencing earlier in the year when he said that there are plans to put their application on Blackberry. And I wish as a user I am told of these things happening.

Blackberry in my view is well positioned to become the central device driving mobile UC. However, given their size of business and the value chain entities they cover, it might be a difficult proposition for industry players to partner. Blackberry will have to open up more and support open standards or at least contibute to its development. Because you know what.......mobile UC is pointless without Blackberry as much as users would love to do more with their Blackberry

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