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Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm back!

I haven't been blogging actively this year for several reasons. For one, during the major part in the first half of the year, I had been excessively busy with consultative assignments. And in May, I changed jobs. After I left Frost & Sullivan, I decided not to post anything related to enterprise communication for at least three months.

In the last three months, I have seen the industry move ahead. "Unified Communication" is moving from a positioning exercise to become a part of the thought process. "Enterprise Mobility" is gaining greater awareness at least in Europe. In the press articles, U.S. consultants appear to be fighting the war of words on whether to let 'enterprise mobility' be a part of UC. Also, Collaboration of different form factors is gaining traction.

All talk of climate change has placed strong emphasis amongst enterprises to do their bit on preventing carbon emissions. I notice growing consciousness amongst employees, families and of course at the social level. Executives are beginning to ask the question-"Do I need to travel to do this meeting.......". I am sure some of them are facing questions from their wives and kids. Video-conferencing, tele-conferencing and other forms of collaboration are becoming 'preferred' albeit slowly. It is a difficult choice today. While on one hand you have the consciousness of 'climate change', on another you have the effectiveness of a face-to-face discussion. What is needed is a whole new set of benchmarks to let the story of video-conferencing and collaboration hit mainstream consciousness.

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