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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Web services model gain traction

I spoke with Fabien Maisl, Head of Marketing in Cirpack last week. I am told that he is the best person in Cirpack to discuss IP centrex. He outlined the success stories of IP centrex in residential and business environments. Recent reports suggest a 50 percent rise in their installed base that has swelled to more than 6 million active users.

In a related story, Jeff Pulver's VON magazine attracted my attention to a news item from CommuniGate. Aurora, a Ontario based ASP has selected CommuniGate pro to offer messaging and groupware solutions to SMB customers (20-200 users).

It is interesting to see news items talking of the success stories of IP centrex, web services model amongst others. Telcos have undertaken massive restructuring of their infrastructures to facilitate these kinds of service delivery. At this point in time, user base is concentrated in the small business segment (sub 50 users). It will be interesting to see if operators can come up with value propositions to entice a mainstream.

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