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Friday, July 20, 2007

Mobile IP Centrex?

Yes indeed. Mobile IP Centrex arms the mobile operators to offer primary business telephony functions to very small businesses. Several mobile operators including Vodafone have been trialing such solutions for some time now.

I spoke with Thomson's Cirpack today who said that their platforms support in excess of 6 million active IP centrex subscribers. The number includes residential as well as business users. I believe that at a connection fee of around €15/user/month, the market size for business customers in sub 20 segment in Europe would be approximately €429 million in OPEX.

Mobile IP centrex is a platform that mobile operators can explore and target the small business segment of the market. The best advantage for a mobile operator is in the future proofing of their investment. As IMS mature, some of these softswitches can be turned into CSCF in the IMS core network.

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