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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Complete communication without distraction

Yes, thats the phrase I got from the VP of a Bank in the U.S. He stressed that all different technologies are good in their own right. Examples: Telephone solves the need to have face to face communication. IM solves the need to phone to have a quick word. Video conferencing solves the need to travel (similar to face to face communication). Mobile phones allows telephone conversation while 'on the move'. All these are great tools. However left on their own, they can be bothersome in a work environment. Hardly does one not get distracted these days by these tools. How often have we not been distracted by a telephone/mobile phone ring or an IM pop.

The VP of a Bank says, "what is needed is a housing system that can offer a complete communication experience without the menace of distraction". Is he suggesting 'Unified Communication'? I don't know if UC can solve the issue of distraction. I heard Gurdeep Singh Pall from Microsoft suggest, that in the future, a telephone call without a subject line will be considered rude. Interesting and futuristic. I asked a few IT/Telecom Managers what they thought and guess what? They thought I am going 'nuts'.

Is it possible to imagine a world where we are contacted only when we need to be, that is distracted with reason?

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