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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Forum Discussion- Unified Messaging: Buying Behavior

Dear Readers,

Apologies for not updating this space for over a month. It has been a crazy time. I am meaning to become regular again. You can help me by participating in this discussion. I am working on a report on the Unified Messaging market for which I am looking to tap into your insights. For starters, what has been your experience with Unified Messaging? If you have not yet deployed then why not?

Lets get this started. Please write-in your perspetives in the comments section.


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matt.lambert said...

I posted a long reply, but google found me on the wrong account and decided to delete my answer from the form. Most frustrating

matt dot lambert at conversationware dot co dot uk

Companies only buy UM when their previous system is end of life, or when they're buying a new telephone system.