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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Appear Network expands to Netherlands and the UK

Appear Networks provides context-aware software infrastructure that transforms wireless data networks into rich multimedia channels to power next generation mobile application and services. Credited with the success stories with Dutch Rail and Paris Subway, Appear went on to win several awards at the recently concluded Cisco Networkers Event in Cannes, France. Leveraging a strong partnership with Cisco, Appear Networks is braving new markets. Recently they got on board two high experienced sales resource, one to be based in UK and the other in Netherlands. The space that Appear operates in is highly lucrative. Net margins of 60% isn't uncommon. However the level of skill set required is quite high and so is the risk in project execution. Currently Appear Networks can still be classified as a small business. Its nearest competitors Intellisync and iAnywhere was acquired by Nokia and Sybase last year.

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