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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Mobile Hosted Solution- An opportunity!

During my latest industry briefing (August 2nd) I was asked to comment on "mobile hosted solution" by a mobile messaging and billing vendor who has recently invested in acquiring a platform vendor. Until a fortnight ago I could confidently say that mobile operators are only concerned over the strong anti-FMS (fixed-mobile substitution trend) and that they are looking at various options to mitigate the threat. However recently I have been involved in discussions towards creating a business model for one of the leading mobile operator in Europe. The operator plans to roll-out hosted business telephony services to enterprises. This is interesting from several points.

1. Entry of mobile operators in the enterprise telephony market will spice it up.
2. Ability to communicate business applications wireless with give credibity to the hosted proposition and in turn put immense pressure on customer premise equipment vendors.
3. Fixed-Mobile convergence and in turn triple convergence (data-voice, wireline-wireless, and IT-telecom) will move another important step closer to reality.
4. A new entity called "Managed Service Provider" will gain lot of traction.

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