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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Google vs Microsoft in mobile market

Enterprise mobility is the name of the game. Every voice vendor worth its name is betting big on mobility, a headache for mobile operators. Another source of headache if the interest from fixed operators to enter the mobile space through backdoor eg. UMA technologies and cheap low power GSM licenses.

However, the main battle is elsewhere. The battle for money and control is raging between Google and Microsoft. Both see this market as important and both want a pie of the business. However, each has its own business model.

Microsoft aims to gain traction from the mobile version of its windows OS, handsets and mobile edition of enterprise software. It also intends to provide middleware and integrate the handsets to enterprise apps. However, Google wants to run a network based search and apps solution on the mobile phone, where advertisers pay for the service. It remains to be seen who finally eats the pie.

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